Monday, January 27, 2014

Thinking and writing together about what kids mean in our culture

Students, in this blog assignment, I want to use writing as a way to gather different ideas and stories about younger children, say below 10 years of age.

  1. In the Comments section of this post, add your opinion to this subject and answer these questions: What do we learn from children, and what qualities do they have that are admirable or important? 
  2. Tell us about a child that you value now, or that you have in the past.  Think about someone who inspires  you or others, and tell us an anecdote (a very short story about something that happened with this person) about that specific kid. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Aleasha's first blog(:

My name is Aleasha Kinney. I'm 20 years old and graduated from Cardington-Lincoln High School in 2011. I'm majoring in nursing and really want to work in the neonatal department when I get my degree. A couple things about me is I love tanning and tattoos! I have a tattoo on my shoulder which is a suicide awareness ribbon and "Hakuna Matata" from the Lion King on my hip, and I want quite a few more. I'm an only child and my dad's raised me since I was nine so I'm a huge daddy's girl. I also have an accent when I say certain things, like bear, that's by far the worst one. I'm really laid back and a huge goof ball once you get to know me.
Something that I found interesting is the way he describes how the grown-ups comment on the confidence that Pineapple has by saying "Grown-ups who spend time here with Pineapple comment on the confidence with which she uses her assertiveness to issue little orders like this to the other children. I can never tell why they obey her. Pineapple doesn't seem to understand the reason either, but she never seems reluctant to accept the power that the other children, girls especially, invest in her and she deploys it with comedic ease, as if she finds it funny that they let her exercise so much authority in coming to decisions."

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Amanda's first Blog. :-) Hello English 1109

Hello, my name is name is Amanda Bracey. I live in Columbus,OH with my cat L and my parents. I have one younger brother who was in the air force and is now living with friends. I work a full time job at Chase Bank as a Quality Analyst. I am studying to become a translator. One of fun facts about me is that I love to play video games, does not matter if its on PS3 or PC. I typically keep to myself or lost in a good book.

One of the more interesting facets of Chapter Two of Kozol's book was the more toward the character Mother Martha. In this chapter it was learned that before she was priest, she was a lawyer. I just found more interesting was the driver for her becoming a priest was the fact that her younger brother died of AIDS.

The quote that I liked from the book was in reference to Mother Martha. "Tastelessly invasive journalist, local demagogues, and loan sharks and drug dealers in the neighborhood have also learned the risk of underestimating Mother Martha's strength of will. A man believed to have been selling drugs on St. Ann's Avenue who had a run-in with her told me, "I'll be honest you, Jonathan. She frightens me more than the cops do when she knows I wasn't straight with her."

Alex's first blog

My name is Alex Vanhouten, I live in Bucyrus. I am currently in the Radiography program, but looking to change into the animal science field that was recently offered. I work at Ohio Department of Transportation in the summer, which is a good fit to my schedule because I have weekends off to enjoy my favorite months. Something unique about me is that I have survived Lemierre's disease. Once get my degree I would like to relocate to a warmer state to work, preferably by a beach.

In chapter two the quote that caught my attention was on page 27."There's a great deal of this automatic and insightful kindness in the hearts of many of these children who been acquainted with unusual degress of loss and sorrow by the time they're eight or nine years old." I also liked that fact that the author not only introduced pineapple, but really captured how the children feel. That really even after all of the sadness and dispare in their lives they manage to be happy young children.

Ashley's first post

Hi this is ashley Corwin. Here are some facts about me. I am a huge animal lover. I completly support all animal rights. I honestly think we need more of them. Also my birthdays next month! I was a cheerleader in high school and I enjoy getting to know knew people. I am from Marion Ohio. I have one brother. I have a cat, a dog and two fish.

In chapter 2 you learned several new things about Jonathan himself. You learn that he is very worried about his father and his health. This is intresting to me because he opens up to how he was feeling while away from home. It musthad been a difficult time to stay and study the kids while woorying for his father. I also found it intresting that when there was a stray injured dog,they would drive to the end of the city and let them lose. most likely to die. I found it disturbing personally because I care for animals, but I also know times are rough and they had no other choice. A quote I liked from the book was when Jonathan said "There's a great deal of this automatic and insightful kindness in the hearts of many of these children who have been acquainted with unusual degrees of loss and sorrowby the time they're eight or nine years old. They show it with their eyes and with their words, and rapid touches of their hands, and, when it's absolutely needed, with their arms wrapped tight around eachother. They're good at being silly, but they're also good at being gentle."This is located on page 27.

Sam's First Blog

Hi, I'm Sam Fox. I'm 32 years old. I Served in the U.S. Navy from 1999 to 2004 and I am currently employed at ArcelorMittal Marion as a Lead Welder. I have a wife and 2 children and decided to come to OSUM to become a mechanical engineer. I have a lot of experience tig welding. I aquired the skill from the military and have worked some pretty cool jobs. I now have my own welding shop called Livewire Welding.

One of the things I found interesting in Chapter two of Kozol book, would be when he mentioned that he had no idea what to do when the kids started crying. Even with all his education and experience, he is no match for an eight year old girl named Pineapple."Children do things like this for each other that an adult doesn't understand but knows he cannot do himself"(Kozol 27).

Clayton's Post

    Hey, I'm Clayton Cain.  I live in Cardington, Ohio and I graduated from Cardington-Lincoln High School in 2013.  I really like to sketch.  Eventually I'm going to try to learn how to play some musical instruments, like try to better myself at drums.  I also participated in Cross Country during high school, I enjoy running whenever I get the chance and I'd like to train for a marathon one day.  I would like to be a physical therapist one day, but I would also like to be a tattoo apprentice, that's a unique fact about me.

I'm my favorite Buckeye.



Lacie's first blog (:

I'm Lacie Benedict and I study Dental Hygiene at the Ohio State University of Marion!
I am a twin. (:  Unfortunately he failed the third grade and we've been academically seperated since. I would've loved sharing this expierence at Ohio State with him more than anything. Other than my brother I also have an older sister who is twenty three! I'm very grateful to be expierencing my journey here at Ohio state with my bestfriend Chelsea who is more like my second sister. She is also studying Dental Hygiene. I'm eighteen years old and I graduated from Highland Highschool, so I live a good thirty minutes from the Ohio State campus at marion. I didn't always know that I wanted to join the Dental field, I first wanted to be an Interior designer. I love to rearrange the funiture in my house and also the funiture in my boyfriend's room. It gives me a "new" feeling although I didn't actually buy anything.

In chapter two something that stuck out to me is when Piedad crawls into the cubby hole and starts crying, Kozol feels that he doesn't have the right or ability as most teachers there to comfort the child. He continues the game with Elio and lets Pineapple comfort Piedad instead. "Teachers who have spent their lives with children of this age know what to do when things like this occur. They'll sometimes get down on the floor and take the child into their arms and, if they need to, hold her like that for awhile. I guess I didn't feel I had the right to do this: perhaps I didn't think that Piedad would have accepted it from me." In most cases i've seen the child will continue on with what they are doing and let the adult comfort the hurt child. This struck me as odd.

Colins first blog!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Colin and i am from morrow county. In high school I was a 2x All-Ohio wrestler and a State Placer. Wrestling was and still is a large part of my life. I current ly have Four brothers and one on the way. The older Two are both elite wrestlers not only in the state of Ohio but in the NATION. I spend most of my time both hunting and coahing wrestling with my family.

In chapter Two of Kozols Ordinary Reserections, I enjoyed learning about many other characters in the book. One in particular was Pineapple. In in manny was i thought that Pineapple was a leader to some of the other children. In some way she could be more a dictator so to speak, by being alittle bossy. But over all i feel she serves a good purpose as a role model. That being said i feel she helped out alot by helping the child who was crying. At the end of chapter Two I begin to notice that each character is facing problems like on page 27 when kozol writes "I still dont think Piedad is pretending. She cries at times for reasons no one knows. she cries, she sobs; her body trembles."


Emily's Post

Hello, my name is Emily Sarah Dowler. I live in LaRue, Ohio and graduated from Elgin High School in 2013. My family consists of my mom Sheryl, my dad Phillip, and my brother and sister Whitney and Jude. I have one dog thats a mix between a Pug and a Doberman Pincher her name is Cleo. I am currently attending The Ohio State University Marion Campus as a Social Work major. I have a passion for History, and Music. I originally wanted to be an Education major where I could teach high school History. Throughout school I loved music and still do. I played trumpet all the way throughout school, and was also a big part of the school choir. In school I choose to focus more on my grades than my extracurricular activities leading me to join The National Honor Society, and many clubs such as schoolastic challenge. Some of my hobbies include fishing, playing trumpet, and playing with my puppy Cleo.

One thing that stuck with me as interesting was when they said Pineapple was assertive with older people. this stuck with me because it made me think of the stereotypical little girl who gets mouthy with adults. we know she's assertive with older people because in the book it says so. "She can be assertive also when she talks to grown ups and seems unaware that she is often going just a bit to far(Kozol 24)."

Shane's first post

Hello, I'm Shane.  I don't like writing especially about myself.  I think its been two decades since I've taken an english class, and I didn't do very well that time.

A short paragraph from Chapter two that I liked,

     She doesn't seem to suffer any grave concern about the fact that she's so plump.  She talks about it more with puzzlement, or petulance, as if she thinks that unknown forces in the world conspire to expand her waistline but that her healthy appetite has no connection with this.


Hello my good friends, I am Preston Vitaly Wise and I am from Van Buren Ohio. I went to Van Buren High School and I played soccer and track. I have one sister who's name is Lauren and one dog named Lilly and a black cat named Midnight. I have family that lives over in Croatia so I have Croatian desent. #TURNUP. I love history and sports. I am trying to become a early childhood teacher.

Something that stuck with me in Kozol's book was the fact that he was in a rough area with young kids and he was going around and seeing how they lived their life. And also the fact that he was Jewish and he was going to St Anns church alot which is not alright to the Jewish Community. A qoute that I found was on page 35 where Kozol says "the priest and children hate to let these animals go off alone into the streets of a big city; but there are priorities in the neighborhoods where many children do not get enough to eat". And so that stuck with me because it shows that Mott Haven is poor and that the kids are ineed to get food and other things.

Hello, fellow English 1109 Bloggers!

Hello, I am BreAnna Baer I am studying Pre-med to become a General Surgeon. I have a faternal twin, his name is Alec,  and a little brother who had just turned 13. I was born and raised in Marion. Over summer I went to Ireland, Scotland and London and spent 20 days. I Have 5 dogs and 3 cats, they range in all sorts of sizes, A Great Dane, a Retriever, and Bichon, Shihtzu and a Schnauzer.

In Chapter two of Jonahan Kozol's, Ordinary Resurrections, I really Enjoy Pineapple's personality, her bossy personality is so funny, It resembles myself, I am tended to be a leader and not a follower and that is who pineapple is! My Favorite Qoute in this chapter is when Pineapple struggles with the pencil sharpener. "Pineapple is struggling with the electric pencil sharpener next to the closet on the left side of the room. Eight years old, she huffs and puffs as she keeps putting the same pencil back into the sharpener, then looking at the point with obvious dissatisfaction, then putting it back in again, until it's down almost nothing. She keeps staring at it with irritated look, as if she knew that this was going to happen."
wassup my name is stephon keith. I am from marion. I went to marion harding high. Some things i like to do is play ball, go fishing , and just chill. The most important thing in my life is sleep!

One thing that stuck out to me in chapter two was when kozol  sated that "in fighting off their times of gloominess and tears, the children here have loyal allies in the grown ups at St. Anne's" this to me is stating that the adults were their to help the kids in sad times or when help was needed and the children had knew that.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome to our class Blog!

Welcome to our 1109.01 class blog!

Hello students and welcome to our blog.  Today, let's work to get everyone on the blog and learn how to use its features.  Our blog address is, but if you are signed into your Gmail account, all you have to do is go to and it will show you a link to the blog.

The first thing you must do is get a Gmail account.  Then, using that Gmail address, please write to me at and I will invite you to the blog.   You must accept the invite and follow the steps in order to use the blog.  Let’s do this in class.

Once you are a member, you will see your Gmail address appear in the upper right hand corner, and only then can you post to the blog.

--To do a New Post, you must again find that link in the upper right hand corner.  Click New Post and a window will appear to let you compose.

Please title all your writings, and use a username that is either your name or nickname so we know who is writing.  Only class members will be on this blog.

For your first post, write one paragraph where you introduce yourself and some things about you, including a Fun Fact or something unique.  That way we can always have this on the blog as a way of knowing and remembering each other. 

In your next paragraph, write about something that stuck you as important or interesting in Chapter Two of Kozol's book.  Include one direct quote or passage from the chapter in this paragraph.

Finish by posting either a picture of your favorite Buckeye or of yourself to the blog.  Let's learn to use images with our posts, and it is both fast and easy to do.

 Good luck, have fun, and just let me know when you need help!  This first day is all about getting comfortable with the blog, and for some of you, this will take time.

All best,
Mike Lohre

P.S. If ever you don't finish an assignment on here, or if you just want to revise, sign into the blog and then go back to the pencil icon on your post.  If you click it, it will take you right back into your writing, and you can update, add, subtract, and edit easily. 

P.S.S. A little about me.  I have been teaching at OSU for almost 20 years, and got my degrees here in poetry in fiction. I love serving others and am active in a couple of churches and non-profits.  I also love animals and growing our own food.  My wife Irene grew up in the Philippines on the mountain before moving here  and I come from the farm in Minnesota so we are both country people.  She's my best friend by far.  I'm happy to be able to teach this class and hope I can be a good influence as I truly believe young people are our future and we have to support your goals and dreams and encourage good citizenry.