Thursday, January 16, 2014

Aleasha's first blog(:

My name is Aleasha Kinney. I'm 20 years old and graduated from Cardington-Lincoln High School in 2011. I'm majoring in nursing and really want to work in the neonatal department when I get my degree. A couple things about me is I love tanning and tattoos! I have a tattoo on my shoulder which is a suicide awareness ribbon and "Hakuna Matata" from the Lion King on my hip, and I want quite a few more. I'm an only child and my dad's raised me since I was nine so I'm a huge daddy's girl. I also have an accent when I say certain things, like bear, that's by far the worst one. I'm really laid back and a huge goof ball once you get to know me.
Something that I found interesting is the way he describes how the grown-ups comment on the confidence that Pineapple has by saying "Grown-ups who spend time here with Pineapple comment on the confidence with which she uses her assertiveness to issue little orders like this to the other children. I can never tell why they obey her. Pineapple doesn't seem to understand the reason either, but she never seems reluctant to accept the power that the other children, girls especially, invest in her and she deploys it with comedic ease, as if she finds it funny that they let her exercise so much authority in coming to decisions."


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  2. I am huge daddy's girl as well. Every time I get my way, dad does not know that it happened until my mother points it out to him. LOL. I love to get two tattoos, one of a dragon and the other of a phoenix, but I think I too much of a coward to get it done, so kudos to you on getting one. :-)

    Yes, I think that Pineapple is going to be an interesting character and look forward to reading more about her.

  3. I have two tattoos as well! One on my shoulder and one on my ribs, deffinitely want more, addicting aren't they?


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