Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Colins first blog!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Colin and i am from morrow county. In high school I was a 2x All-Ohio wrestler and a State Placer. Wrestling was and still is a large part of my life. I current ly have Four brothers and one on the way. The older Two are both elite wrestlers not only in the state of Ohio but in the NATION. I spend most of my time both hunting and coahing wrestling with my family.

In chapter Two of Kozols Ordinary Reserections, I enjoyed learning about many other characters in the book. One in particular was Pineapple. In in manny was i thought that Pineapple was a leader to some of the other children. In some way she could be more a dictator so to speak, by being alittle bossy. But over all i feel she serves a good purpose as a role model. That being said i feel she helped out alot by helping the child who was crying. At the end of chapter Two I begin to notice that each character is facing problems like on page 27 when kozol writes "I still dont think Piedad is pretending. She cries at times for reasons no one knows. she cries, she sobs; her body trembles."



  1. Hi, Collin. Good Job on placing in State. That is not easy to do. I like what you said about Pineapple, I have a niece that acts just like her. What do you like to hunt?

    1. I mainly hunt small game like rabbit, pheasant, dove, squierll, and of couse deer. but I also hunt coon and cyote for fur

  2. That are impressive accomplishments. I always thought wrestling and mixed martial arts looked easy. I learned that hard way when training with an amateur class out of Tiffin Ohio how much work goes into it.
    I also agree with you saying that pineapple is a good role model. She encourages organization and encourages homework time.

  3. Would the real slim shady please stand up? ;)


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