Monday, April 21, 2014

Preston's Poem

Falling Water

A man named Frank Lloyd Wright
A dreamer and a visionary
An architect he was
Who created inspiring designs
A man who was before his time
Where his designs came to life
Brick by brick, rock by rock, glass by glass they began a perfect fit
His designs were like masterpieces

Falling waters sitting high on a bluff
Higher than the clouds above
Terrace and balconies, oh what a view
Waterfalls so high it was like you could touch the sky
Natures surroundings were so serene
The peacefulness in the nature were so calm
The sounds of running streams and waterfalls become one
Falling waters was an architects dream

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sam's Journal 10 Post

  What struck me as the most important was the difference in the quality of education between the poor school districts and the wealthy ones. There were both positive impacts and negative impacts of facilities in this film. The children from the wealthy school districts seem to be happy overall in their schools. The majority of them also seem to have set goals and a direction or path that they are following. Unlike the children from the wealthy districts, the children from the poor schools are exactly opposite. Their demeanor overall is unhappy and they seem to be lost in their sights for their future. The sense that the schools do not care about them creates a feeling of not caring about education. I guess you could say that they feel as if they are on their own without support from anyone. The fact that these kids are tied to one district depending on where they live gives you a great sense of unfairness. The unequal resources divided up between districts is a hard pill to swallow. Jonathan Kozol informs us, "These school districts get their money from property taxes. Therefore the wealthier neighborhoods have wealthier schools." As Americans this does not seem right.
  My overall opinions of the faculties here at OSUM are excellent. It has great resources available for tutoring and small class sizes effective for learning. The technology available at this campus as far as general education courses go, is up to par. I am excited about the new building that has been approved for science and engineering classes. The ability to be able to finish college here in Marion would be a great benefit for me.I have absolutely no time to join any clubs here on campus, but would enjoy a fishing club if I had the opportunity. I also wouldn't mind attending some of the seminars here on campus if I had the time to do so.

Film response BreAnna Baer

     The thing that struck me as the most important is the schools that are just falling down literally. The schools were throughout the whole film, the children were impacted tremendously by the filth and destruction of the school, they were ashamed to walk into the building or even sit in the classrooms. The quote that had struck me that is what I truly believe in, "We are a bunch of flowers growing in a garbage can." was said by a teacher in one of the poorer schools. these children walked into the classroom and still learned and some blossomed and became amazing students, some dropped out they didn't feel the need to go to school. Could you walk into a falling apart school and feel good, or that the school district cared about you and your education? I know I couldn't!
       OSU-Marion is a good campus, it is my first year as a college student so i do not really know what it is to other colleges but it is small and easy to get around. I do not see any actual weaknesses in the campus. The strengths are that the professors actually get to know your name which a benefit for it being a smaller campus but it puts everyone on a more personal level which for me helps me feel more secure and easier to learn. I still have not really became active in any of the events on campus, I know I would like to.I would like to try and start using the library as a study ground, and also become of the outdoor club and do some fun activities. I just want to become more involved in my campus next year and the rest after that.

Amanda's film response-- Journal 10

Part One:
My overall response to the film was shock to the fact that there were so many schools that were still running on coal within Ohio. I know that myself would have a bad time considering my asthma. The dust alone from coal would probably be enough to work up an attack let alone having to be in the building for more than an hour would must likely make me go to the hospital.

The impact was with the kids themselves, I thought. The kids that were in the classrooms with ceilings with holes and rain water dripping down on their desks and floors were not very happy. They seemed like Zombies walking through the hallways not wanting to go. In class, you could see the disconnect of the kids bodies were there but their minds were off elsewhere not learning adding on the fact that their books and materials that they had available were either non existent or so far out of date it made it almost impossible for focus to be maintained. Some of the schools had so many budget cuts that Art and music were taken away. Teachers were having to get materials for their class out of their own pocket.  One of the kids commented on the state of the school as "That building is falling down." Another said " Why should I care? when its obvious that no one else does."

On the other side of the fence the kids whose parents were more able to invest into their community and schools the kids seemed happy to be there, state of the art technology at their fingertips in every classroom if not every other classroom.  Afternoon activities like track and music were in full supply. Teachers seemed to be having materials provided for them out of the school budget vs. paying for everything themselves.  One of the comments that I caught on to was that "Extracurricular activities can and do make a difference in everyday life."

Part Two:
I will start with the weakness of the Marion campus, which is really the lack of security on campus after nightfall. I know that the security officer that is here now is retired. I am appreciative that he is giving up his time to be here, but at some point he has to go home. It worries me a little because there is still classes going on at night. This campus is one of the remote campuses that I have been too, while crime maybe low here, I am used to having that sense of security being around corner if something happens in order to feel secure.

I think a strength of the campus is resources to get what you need done. be it a knowledgeable advisors, professors who actually have a master's degree and having  the real life experience to back up what they are talking about to the ever helpful Math Lab that has been a enormous help to me and working with my schedule to help me get through my math.

I will be honest and say that I have not taken advantage of the clubs or events as my work schedule just conflicts with most of the activities. I would not mind, in the future participating in a book club or even volley ball. Just depends on the when.

Journal 10- Colin Visconti

In this film, I was shock to see not only how many schools in the nation, but how many of them in Ohio that were in such rough shape. While watching this film, I couldnt help but to notice how nasty and gross the insides of the schools were. Shools like that would affect my abilities to lean and desire to go to school, and they have. It was quite ironic to see the schools in the video, because the elementary school I attended in 5th and 6th grade was just as bad, if not worse, than some of those schools. I remember how hard it was to hold focus and keep the desire to attend school. this showed with my acedemic progress, for it was the wrost two years of my acedemic history. I wasnt long after i left that we built a new k-12 building, that i attend my last 2 years, and they knocked the old Iberia elementry school building down. Just a little fun fact for you; the building was so old that ten years after it was built, President Warren G. Harding attended college there for the following 3 years.

OSUM is actually one of the most convienient and nicer campuses that i have seen. though a regional campus, with the configuration of the buildings and the pond OSUM doesnt feel like a regional campus. if there is a building or resource that i feel i dont use enough, it would be the library. for some reason i never go there, or feel the need to go there. but other than that i would say i use all the other resources and facilities consistantly.

Journal 10

What struck me as most important was how bad of condition the schools in Ohio. Also, that I had never knew any school in Ohio was in that bad of condition. The schools showed in the video did not have adequate space for the number of students they had. They didn’t have the proper restroom facilities and children were made to walk outside to another building if they need the restroom. The ceilings were leaking on the children during class. There were holes in the walls and ceilings and the paint was falling off. Some of the schools still heated with coal. This was a problem for students with allergies or just in general not healthy. Not only were the facilities themselves were in bad condition, but there was not much in them. The teachers supplied their own equipment and school supplies so their class could do projects and learn. Some of the high school children that graduated had never used a computer.

 I had never thought of it from the students perspective which is they were thinking that if no one cares to fix the school that we attend then how do they feel about us? Even the staff felt this and had to deal with the unfit facilities.  A teachers would tell her students, “We are flowers growing in a garbage can.” While another man stated that we spend more money on cat food than we do textbooks.


There are many positive features to the OSU Marion campus. Some of them are clubs and activities that are available e to students. They range from multicultural clubs to sports clubs. I feel a weakness of the campus is that not all of the clubs and organization are advertised well. I have not taken advantage of any of the clubs or organization that are available, but I wouldn’t mind trying something like a sport or an organization that helps out charities.

Journal 10 film response- Lacie

The film in my eyes was actually pretty sad. It's sad to look at how many schools in Ohio are crumbling down compared to the ones that are up and running with pools, gyms, art classes, music rooms, cafeterias and much more. The ones that are crumbling should be closed down with all of the health violations but then where would the students learn? I don't think it's right that some children have never used crayons or clue and have to walk through puddles in the hallway just to go to class. It's unfair that students have to study with other students playing basketball right in front of them, no peace and quiet. Not to mention the band room is under the gym floor hearing nothing but stomping. Every subject should have its own room where they can do what they need to do with no interruptions. Both types of schools greatly impact the students. The crumbling school impacts their students negatively, yes they get an education but is it really the best education they can receive? no. They nicer schools impact their students positively because they are getting a wider education. They have so much more supplies and computer to get the best education they possibly can not to mention the atmosphere is fantastic so they really have nothing to worry about. "Just a bunch of flowers growing in a garbage can" was the quote that hit me the hardest. Those children have so much potential and they are definitely trying their best to get the best education possible but it's much harder when the school they learn in is a dump.

The OSUM campus is really a great facility and i'm proud to be apart of it. The atmosphere is nice and now that the campus is tobacco free it's even better! It could use a little work as in the gamers could possibly get their own room because they take up a lot of space in the student center and they are really loud when people are trying to get their work done. The furniture could be updated because frankly i think they are getting to be a little grungy but looking at what most people have it's hard to complain about something that is irrelevant! Strengths are tobacco free campus, great staff and a clean and great standing building. Weaknesses are students who litter on the campus like hello there is a trash can in every direction that you look! Also i love the vending machine and all but there are no healthy choices for on the go snacks! We need a small cafeteria that offers healthier choices please.. Sometimes there are bee problems in Morrill Hall and the furniture is a little gross but our campus is a lot nicer than most places.. One of the features that i haven't used that i would like to use is the workout facility.

Journal 10

The film that we watched in class was about how the state of Ohio was shown that most of the schools in Ohio way different with eachother. One thing that really stuck with me was that how the schools looked in the low income neighborhoods. The high income schools looked great, they were built new and had a lot of new additions in the school, while the low income schools were not looking so great. They had holes in the roof and when it would rain the rain would make puddles in the hallways and so the kids were walking in water and also the built alone was falling apart. They had coal warmers and no lunchroom or gym. It was just not a good place to send your kids. The impact of facilities I saw was that most of the poor schools were inner public schools and were the "trouble is" and the nice and new schools were where the new stores and businesess where and they were getting money from them to make this new school and while the poor ones didnt have this money they had to do what they could do and get the best out what they got. They all got education but the new schools had computers and stuff that would make their education more advanced compared to the poor schools who didnt have this. A direct qoute from the film that stuck with me was that "most kids drop out as soon as they turn 18" and I thought that this was big because the kids that said this were from the low income schools.

Ohio State Marion is a small campus but has good education, we have some nice buildings "library" that are up to date and we also have buildings that need some work. The strengths here are great teachers and the technology that we have. A weakness that I think we have is that we dont have many groups or clubs here, less interaction with students. The one opportunity that we have that I have not done yet was the writing help, I just havent gone to it and I think that it would help a lot if I did. I believe that if we made dorms for the students that the school would start to be bigger and have more things to do rather then having kids drive and leaving after two years, make this like a big college and make the college life great. A club that I want and will join is the soccer club that I have made, but I would like to see more clubs or sports here, we dont have any sports teams here anymore and we need to change that. I would like to see other clubs too not just sports, it could be a german or religious club it doesnt matter we just need some more clubs around OSUM.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From Mike Lohre: Secondary source Exercise

 Secondary sources are those we find outside the primary classroom sources (textbooks used in class and personal experience) of Kozol and Cisneros.

Here are some secondary sources outside of our class texts that I've incorporated into the class this semester.  The whole point of research is to help us gather different and insightful knowledge related to our class themes, so that we can have a deeper and more diverse understanding of our topics.  The only way to do this is to find multiple points of view that are credibile and interesting.

Now it's your turn.  In class today, Wednesday, I want you to go out and try to find a good seconardary source that helps you better understand one of the two factors you will focus on in Essay Two.

Once you find the source, write about it and describe it in the Comments section here.  Tell us how this source might help you in your essay, and then provide a link to this source at the end of your Comment.

Looking at rebuttals and alternative views is crucial to getting a broad view of an issue.

Here's a teacher who thinks the Khan Academy is NOT the whole answer!