Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello my good friends, I am Preston Vitaly Wise and I am from Van Buren Ohio. I went to Van Buren High School and I played soccer and track. I have one sister who's name is Lauren and one dog named Lilly and a black cat named Midnight. I have family that lives over in Croatia so I have Croatian desent. #TURNUP. I love history and sports. I am trying to become a early childhood teacher.

Something that stuck with me in Kozol's book was the fact that he was in a rough area with young kids and he was going around and seeing how they lived their life. And also the fact that he was Jewish and he was going to St Anns church alot which is not alright to the Jewish Community. A qoute that I found was on page 35 where Kozol says "the priest and children hate to let these animals go off alone into the streets of a big city; but there are priorities in the neighborhoods where many children do not get enough to eat". And so that stuck with me because it shows that Mott Haven is poor and that the kids are ineed to get food and other things.


  1. That is neat, I have a black cat named midnight! he was a stray I brought into, well I snuck him in and my mother found out about month later!

  2. Hey Preston, NICE PIC!!!!!!!!!! Bro!!!!


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