Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shane's first post

Hello, I'm Shane.  I don't like writing especially about myself.  I think its been two decades since I've taken an english class, and I didn't do very well that time.

A short paragraph from Chapter two that I liked,

     She doesn't seem to suffer any grave concern about the fact that she's so plump.  She talks about it more with puzzlement, or petulance, as if she thinks that unknown forces in the world conspire to expand her waistline but that her healthy appetite has no connection with this.


  1. Hi, Shane. I didn't know you were in the Navy. I was an aviation structural mechanic/ aeronautical welder. I was stationed in Lemoore, CA. and Whidbey Is.,WA. I also spent six months in Germany and three months in Japan. Where was you stationed?

  2. I don't like writing either. I'm not very good at it.


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