Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ashley's first post

Hi this is ashley Corwin. Here are some facts about me. I am a huge animal lover. I completly support all animal rights. I honestly think we need more of them. Also my birthdays next month! I was a cheerleader in high school and I enjoy getting to know knew people. I am from Marion Ohio. I have one brother. I have a cat, a dog and two fish.

In chapter 2 you learned several new things about Jonathan himself. You learn that he is very worried about his father and his health. This is intresting to me because he opens up to how he was feeling while away from home. It musthad been a difficult time to stay and study the kids while woorying for his father. I also found it intresting that when there was a stray injured dog,they would drive to the end of the city and let them lose. most likely to die. I found it disturbing personally because I care for animals, but I also know times are rough and they had no other choice. A quote I liked from the book was when Jonathan said "There's a great deal of this automatic and insightful kindness in the hearts of many of these children who have been acquainted with unusual degrees of loss and sorrowby the time they're eight or nine years old. They show it with their eyes and with their words, and rapid touches of their hands, and, when it's absolutely needed, with their arms wrapped tight around eachother. They're good at being silly, but they're also good at being gentle."This is located on page 27.


  1. That's good that your cat can be in the same household as the two fish. I know that my cat would have eaten them in the first two days of them being house.

    I agree with you, when Kozol brought up the fact that when people don't have the money to take care of the animal they get put outside to fend for themselves. which is sad. I know a few friends of mine had to find a home for their pets when the rent got raised and was unable to support their dogs. But in their case, relatives were able to take them in and care for them. But I can see Kozol's case would be the only option for some of those single parent families.

  2. It's really cool that you're so involved in animal rights and have such strong opinions on them! A lot of people our age don't have those opinions about those things.

  3. Your cats very cute it reminds me of my big cat papa.


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