Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Journal 10 film response- Lacie

The film in my eyes was actually pretty sad. It's sad to look at how many schools in Ohio are crumbling down compared to the ones that are up and running with pools, gyms, art classes, music rooms, cafeterias and much more. The ones that are crumbling should be closed down with all of the health violations but then where would the students learn? I don't think it's right that some children have never used crayons or clue and have to walk through puddles in the hallway just to go to class. It's unfair that students have to study with other students playing basketball right in front of them, no peace and quiet. Not to mention the band room is under the gym floor hearing nothing but stomping. Every subject should have its own room where they can do what they need to do with no interruptions. Both types of schools greatly impact the students. The crumbling school impacts their students negatively, yes they get an education but is it really the best education they can receive? no. They nicer schools impact their students positively because they are getting a wider education. They have so much more supplies and computer to get the best education they possibly can not to mention the atmosphere is fantastic so they really have nothing to worry about. "Just a bunch of flowers growing in a garbage can" was the quote that hit me the hardest. Those children have so much potential and they are definitely trying their best to get the best education possible but it's much harder when the school they learn in is a dump.

The OSUM campus is really a great facility and i'm proud to be apart of it. The atmosphere is nice and now that the campus is tobacco free it's even better! It could use a little work as in the gamers could possibly get their own room because they take up a lot of space in the student center and they are really loud when people are trying to get their work done. The furniture could be updated because frankly i think they are getting to be a little grungy but looking at what most people have it's hard to complain about something that is irrelevant! Strengths are tobacco free campus, great staff and a clean and great standing building. Weaknesses are students who litter on the campus like hello there is a trash can in every direction that you look! Also i love the vending machine and all but there are no healthy choices for on the go snacks! We need a small cafeteria that offers healthier choices please.. Sometimes there are bee problems in Morrill Hall and the furniture is a little gross but our campus is a lot nicer than most places.. One of the features that i haven't used that i would like to use is the workout facility.


  1. It is good to see that other people want the video game club out of the student center! And it great that you love the campus, and I think that it would really nice if we had a small cafeteria here it would make it alot easier to get food when it is right here on campus!

  2. I AGREE on the video game club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with you so much on offering healty snacks or some form of a cafeteria. I think a lot of students would use it, so they would not have to leave the campus. I too have never used the workout facility but would like to.


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