Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Film response BreAnna Baer

     The thing that struck me as the most important is the schools that are just falling down literally. The schools were throughout the whole film, the children were impacted tremendously by the filth and destruction of the school, they were ashamed to walk into the building or even sit in the classrooms. The quote that had struck me that is what I truly believe in, "We are a bunch of flowers growing in a garbage can." was said by a teacher in one of the poorer schools. these children walked into the classroom and still learned and some blossomed and became amazing students, some dropped out they didn't feel the need to go to school. Could you walk into a falling apart school and feel good, or that the school district cared about you and your education? I know I couldn't!
       OSU-Marion is a good campus, it is my first year as a college student so i do not really know what it is to other colleges but it is small and easy to get around. I do not see any actual weaknesses in the campus. The strengths are that the professors actually get to know your name which a benefit for it being a smaller campus but it puts everyone on a more personal level which for me helps me feel more secure and easier to learn. I still have not really became active in any of the events on campus, I know I would like to.I would like to try and start using the library as a study ground, and also become of the outdoor club and do some fun activities. I just want to become more involved in my campus next year and the rest after that.


  1. Hey BreAnna, first nice quote. I thought that may have been the strongest quote in the film. It would be hard to imagine going to school in the places they shown us in the film.
    I also enjoy the small atmosphere this campus has to offer. I think it promotes a better education.

  2. I agree with both of you and Sam. It was sad to see the kids in the poor districts having no other choice but to go to the school that they are assigned as they did not have the option to go anywhere else do to situations outside of their control. But still, School is known nationwide as being the building blocks to becoming someone that can function within our society. However, if the first school that the kid goes to is badly need of repair and books that is used is so far out of date that references to the idea of someday putting someone on the moon will be possible. There is a problem there and it will and does hinder the learning ability when one is focused on not getting wet by the leaky roof above them.

    I agree that OSUM, because of the smaller class sizes that it does have a more personable feel. The ability to know that the professors will work with you on anything that you don't understand as they all want us to succeed is also a nice strength factor in the school itself.


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