Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Journal 10

The film that we watched in class was about how the state of Ohio was shown that most of the schools in Ohio way different with eachother. One thing that really stuck with me was that how the schools looked in the low income neighborhoods. The high income schools looked great, they were built new and had a lot of new additions in the school, while the low income schools were not looking so great. They had holes in the roof and when it would rain the rain would make puddles in the hallways and so the kids were walking in water and also the built alone was falling apart. They had coal warmers and no lunchroom or gym. It was just not a good place to send your kids. The impact of facilities I saw was that most of the poor schools were inner public schools and were the "trouble is" and the nice and new schools were where the new stores and businesess where and they were getting money from them to make this new school and while the poor ones didnt have this money they had to do what they could do and get the best out what they got. They all got education but the new schools had computers and stuff that would make their education more advanced compared to the poor schools who didnt have this. A direct qoute from the film that stuck with me was that "most kids drop out as soon as they turn 18" and I thought that this was big because the kids that said this were from the low income schools.

Ohio State Marion is a small campus but has good education, we have some nice buildings "library" that are up to date and we also have buildings that need some work. The strengths here are great teachers and the technology that we have. A weakness that I think we have is that we dont have many groups or clubs here, less interaction with students. The one opportunity that we have that I have not done yet was the writing help, I just havent gone to it and I think that it would help a lot if I did. I believe that if we made dorms for the students that the school would start to be bigger and have more things to do rather then having kids drive and leaving after two years, make this like a big college and make the college life great. A club that I want and will join is the soccer club that I have made, but I would like to see more clubs or sports here, we dont have any sports teams here anymore and we need to change that. I would like to see other clubs too not just sports, it could be a german or religious club it doesnt matter we just need some more clubs around OSUM.


  1. I agree that we need more clubs so students can interact more. I've been here for two semesters and i barley know anyone and it's not because im not willing to make friends it's because i don't have the opportunity! and dorms would be a great addition especially since some students drive to get to class for hours.

  2. I think having more sports would be great. It is hard to find local teams to join and i feel it would be a good way to pass time and stay active while on campus. It would also be a good fit since healthy living is so promoted around campus.


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