Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Amanda's film response-- Journal 10

Part One:
My overall response to the film was shock to the fact that there were so many schools that were still running on coal within Ohio. I know that myself would have a bad time considering my asthma. The dust alone from coal would probably be enough to work up an attack let alone having to be in the building for more than an hour would must likely make me go to the hospital.

The impact was with the kids themselves, I thought. The kids that were in the classrooms with ceilings with holes and rain water dripping down on their desks and floors were not very happy. They seemed like Zombies walking through the hallways not wanting to go. In class, you could see the disconnect of the kids bodies were there but their minds were off elsewhere not learning adding on the fact that their books and materials that they had available were either non existent or so far out of date it made it almost impossible for focus to be maintained. Some of the schools had so many budget cuts that Art and music were taken away. Teachers were having to get materials for their class out of their own pocket.  One of the kids commented on the state of the school as "That building is falling down." Another said " Why should I care? when its obvious that no one else does."

On the other side of the fence the kids whose parents were more able to invest into their community and schools the kids seemed happy to be there, state of the art technology at their fingertips in every classroom if not every other classroom.  Afternoon activities like track and music were in full supply. Teachers seemed to be having materials provided for them out of the school budget vs. paying for everything themselves.  One of the comments that I caught on to was that "Extracurricular activities can and do make a difference in everyday life."

Part Two:
I will start with the weakness of the Marion campus, which is really the lack of security on campus after nightfall. I know that the security officer that is here now is retired. I am appreciative that he is giving up his time to be here, but at some point he has to go home. It worries me a little because there is still classes going on at night. This campus is one of the remote campuses that I have been too, while crime maybe low here, I am used to having that sense of security being around corner if something happens in order to feel secure.

I think a strength of the campus is resources to get what you need done. be it a knowledgeable advisors, professors who actually have a master's degree and having  the real life experience to back up what they are talking about to the ever helpful Math Lab that has been a enormous help to me and working with my schedule to help me get through my math.

I will be honest and say that I have not taken advantage of the clubs or events as my work schedule just conflicts with most of the activities. I would not mind, in the future participating in a book club or even volley ball. Just depends on the when.

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