Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Journal 10- Colin Visconti

In this film, I was shock to see not only how many schools in the nation, but how many of them in Ohio that were in such rough shape. While watching this film, I couldnt help but to notice how nasty and gross the insides of the schools were. Shools like that would affect my abilities to lean and desire to go to school, and they have. It was quite ironic to see the schools in the video, because the elementary school I attended in 5th and 6th grade was just as bad, if not worse, than some of those schools. I remember how hard it was to hold focus and keep the desire to attend school. this showed with my acedemic progress, for it was the wrost two years of my acedemic history. I wasnt long after i left that we built a new k-12 building, that i attend my last 2 years, and they knocked the old Iberia elementry school building down. Just a little fun fact for you; the building was so old that ten years after it was built, President Warren G. Harding attended college there for the following 3 years.

OSUM is actually one of the most convienient and nicer campuses that i have seen. though a regional campus, with the configuration of the buildings and the pond OSUM doesnt feel like a regional campus. if there is a building or resource that i feel i dont use enough, it would be the library. for some reason i never go there, or feel the need to go there. but other than that i would say i use all the other resources and facilities consistantly.


  1. You should go in and lok around the library more, it is our best and greatest looking building that we have! and I like that we look more then a regional campus but we need to add more clubs.

  2. I agree, the library is open but I've only used it to come to English class two days out of the week. I feel that we made a huge library and it's so nice but we need to make the other buildings nicer as well since we spend most of our time in the other buildings!


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