Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From Mike Lohre: Secondary source Exercise

 Secondary sources are those we find outside the primary classroom sources (textbooks used in class and personal experience) of Kozol and Cisneros.

Here are some secondary sources outside of our class texts that I've incorporated into the class this semester.  The whole point of research is to help us gather different and insightful knowledge related to our class themes, so that we can have a deeper and more diverse understanding of our topics.  The only way to do this is to find multiple points of view that are credibile and interesting.

Now it's your turn.  In class today, Wednesday, I want you to go out and try to find a good seconardary source that helps you better understand one of the two factors you will focus on in Essay Two.

Once you find the source, write about it and describe it in the Comments section here.  Tell us how this source might help you in your essay, and then provide a link to this source at the end of your Comment.

Looking at rebuttals and alternative views is crucial to getting a broad view of an issue.

Here's a teacher who thinks the Khan Academy is NOT the whole answer!



  1. A factor I had chosen for my Essay is After school programs/Adult Volunteers. I am using this factor because in the book the children do attend the after school programs and enjoy doing so, also has adult volunteers which they might learn new things and gives some bonding time with their children or just young students. the link takes you to an article where school programs are offered in inner city schools and how the programs help the family and students learn different methods/communication. it might help me in my essay because the article explains how the programs help the child and parent both communicate but also teach different things and becoming involved.

  2. A factor I chose for my essay is the effect of teachers on students, like their expectations and learning styles, because in the book the way some of the teachers taught seemed like the children did better in the class overall. talks about how teachers feedback helps both the lower level students & the high level students in their class but it also states that expectations of a teacher can make them do worse. It might help me with my essay because it gives both sides of how some things can help the student and how some things can make the student do worse.

  3. A source that I found that could be helpful for church programs is about schools, teaching and the church getting together so that low income parents can send their kids to these programs and it is like school but the church is involved and gets them off the streets and doing activities in the community.

  4. I found a source that will help my understanding of the expectations of children in crime and drug concentrated ares. this will also help me with my understanding of the communities in the book. By the two different sources feeding me information i should be able to make a better conclusion.

  5. One of the factors i chose to write in my paper is about the positive influences that help the children. Kozol and the church being two of them.
    I believe this article will help me with my paper because it talks about how the children benefit positively from the afterschool.
    It states "Children exhibited fewer behavior problems if they perceived their peers were willing to encourage them to behave well" Kozol was a great positive influence to the children as well as many other teachers!


    This is the website that I found to be useful for my paper. It is over the topic of children labeling which then leads to poor learning to those expected to fail. In this article it talks about the poverty rates among back and hispanics compared to caucasions. Also it compares the poverty rate among children and the elderly. The pverty rate for children has increased by 50%, and the rate for the elderly has decreased by 50%. This was an amazing peice of information for me.

  7. My essay will be centered about the health problems that a few of the kids have to live with. Asthma being one of the most scary things that a kid has to deal with it once they have it. I should now as I myself have been living and dealing with asthma issues all my life.

    The link--
    I choose the website from Google scholar as more to bring some of the statistic information that kids were scoring on tests and the level of absenteeism that was directly related with students not being in class due issues with Asthma.

  8. I found a secondary source about the effects that pollution has and children. The article is from The American Academy Of Pediatrics called Ambient Air Pollution: Health Hazards to children. It describes how the clean air act was passes in 1970, but our air in some parts of America is not clean at all. This ties into my essay by giving support to the negative factor that pollution has on children. It gives not only statistics, but the direct relationship between pollution and children.


    I chose this secondary source because it helps explain the low expectations associated with children's grades that come from poor families. What I found interesting is that the schools are blaming the families for the lack of the children's progressions, instead of looking at themselves. Everyone is playing the blame game.


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