Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Journal 10

What struck me as most important was how bad of condition the schools in Ohio. Also, that I had never knew any school in Ohio was in that bad of condition. The schools showed in the video did not have adequate space for the number of students they had. They didn’t have the proper restroom facilities and children were made to walk outside to another building if they need the restroom. The ceilings were leaking on the children during class. There were holes in the walls and ceilings and the paint was falling off. Some of the schools still heated with coal. This was a problem for students with allergies or just in general not healthy. Not only were the facilities themselves were in bad condition, but there was not much in them. The teachers supplied their own equipment and school supplies so their class could do projects and learn. Some of the high school children that graduated had never used a computer.

 I had never thought of it from the students perspective which is they were thinking that if no one cares to fix the school that we attend then how do they feel about us? Even the staff felt this and had to deal with the unfit facilities.  A teachers would tell her students, “We are flowers growing in a garbage can.” While another man stated that we spend more money on cat food than we do textbooks.


There are many positive features to the OSU Marion campus. Some of them are clubs and activities that are available e to students. They range from multicultural clubs to sports clubs. I feel a weakness of the campus is that not all of the clubs and organization are advertised well. I have not taken advantage of any of the clubs or organization that are available, but I wouldn’t mind trying something like a sport or an organization that helps out charities.

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  1. Yeah that is crazy how terrible the faculties were. The school without a cafeteria in Vinton County was unbelievable. Hanging out in a bar during lunch is something I may have dreamed about in high school. But it would not have produced good result for me as a person.
    By the way, I hope you do get opportunity to join or start a club. Sounds like fun.


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