Monday, March 31, 2014

Amanda's Reflection. Journal 9.

I thought the book was good. The strength and courage that the kids display in this story is amazing. These kids not only have to deal with their surroundings and walk through their neighborhood on guard in case someone shoots someone or someone lurking in the shadows trying to get your money.
       The kids get to go home to either drug dealers, drug addicts, a hard working single parent or grandparent, who may or may be home to greet them or to put food on the table if there is little to no money to but it with. With a lot of these kids one of their parents, sisters, and brothers is in  prison and yet these kids are watching what their siblings did and while they may not completely understand what is happening they are still taking in the little bit of their surroundings and pushing themselves to be better and making something of themselves so that they have a better future.
       I felt that the kids were probably the best part of the story because of how different they are from one another, but they do not let that hinder them while they are around each other. The kids showed us you can put any difference aside and be able to open your heart to any one and make them laugh or just to be there in comfort.

The most interesting facet of the Notes section was within chapter 20  was the use of Ritalin. I remember growing up and hearing about how my younger brother was as suggested to be put on Ritalin because he would loose interest in the class at a drop of an hat. All I knew then was that my parents were completely against the use of the drug. It would make the teacher furious with them because of the little control they had on my brother. On page 268 the big shock was the fact that this drug is dispensed with little supervision and as strong as this drug is it surprises me that the pharmacist would allow such a drug to be dispensed so freely as if it were candy.

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