Monday, March 24, 2014

Journal 8: Chapter 22 "A Rich and Varied Life" BreAnna

       I felt that Chapter 22 was a very important chapter. The main topic of the chapter was the education and the future education for the children. The chapter also touches base of Kozol's past education. my favorite quote from the chapter is when Kozol is speaking of how parents want best life for their children. They want a healthy lifestyle and education for them. "We owe it to these children not to let the doors be closed before they're even old enough to know how many rooms there are, how many other doors there are beyond the one or two that they can see"(292). This quote not only goes for the children in Mott Haven but the children around the globe. Children are valued, they are the next generation that can make a change and maybe correct the mistakes the generation up probably made.
       There are a few factors that influence the learning of others, you have the class clown, or the teacher.  The class clown is the loud one that has to get attention at every moment and has to distract the teacher. Punishments will result in extreme measures and time goes by and wasted. When it comes to the teacher, they may go to quickly in their teachings or will not explain even more when one child is struggling on the topic. I say this from first hand. It was science class in middle school, I would review a topic over and over and could not grasp it so I went to the teacher and I remember being told "We went over it in class more than once, you should understand!" needless to say when it came to the topic on the test my mind was not finding that file to answer those questions. The solution to the problem is everybody, if the teacher does not want to take the time to help their student shame on them. If the parents do not want to look up solutions or call the school to help correct the situation shame on them. The students need to speak up and look somewhere else for the answer, like I should of done. The administrators should be more involved in the classrooms, when the principle came and did those teacher evaluations its not hard to put up a front. They should ask the students how the class is going and how is their teacher this semester. The main responsibility is throughout, I cannot pin point it. It is a system and all the wheels need to turn smoothly for the system to flow.


  1. Great work on talking about chapter 22. I thought that it was a major chapter in this book because he opens up and talks about how he feels. And also good job on talking about your learning factors, I could tell you that you enjoyed school.

  2. Yeah what Preston said. I liked Chapter 22 as well, I think it gives you a strong sense of where Kozol comes from. The lessons and experiences of his father help make Kozol who he is today. Those experiences of his father also give him a perception of how things could or should be.


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