Monday, March 3, 2014

The Hobart Shakespearians

The Hobart Shakespearians film made me think about how children learn and what they are capable of when given the right role model or teacher. These children whose first language was not English, and lived in a neighborhood full of violence learned vital life skills and strong educational lessons as well. They were given the proper tools and teachings to be more than a statistic of a bad neighborhood and exceeded everyone’s expectations. The film made me feel inspired that if you find the right ideas and work hard that you can be better than the “average” person people think you are.
I thought that taking to children out into real life activities instead of reading them from books was a big impact. They did not only learn what they needed to, but for most they will remember leaving home and going someplace special to learn about something new. I also thought that playing games with the children helped them learn. It got them excited about getting the answer correct. They were more engaged in the lesson and would probably remember what they had learned better than just reading it. A quote I liked from the film was
“You have to be the person you want the kids to be,”
 Rafe worked hard to keep the kids interested and learning, in return they worked hard as well. This did not only stop at the classroom but also in the way the children behaved in the real world away from school. They were polite and understanding. When they didn’t understand something he took the time no matter how long to make sure that they understood it. Even if they had done something wrong he didn’t embarrass them or punish them in a way that be little them, he simply treated them like adults with respect. They all had picked up this good character trait that he was teaching them, and hopefully carry it throughout their life.

My goal for 2014 is to keep my grades up and have all of my student loans paid off in full by the next fall semester.

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  1. I agree with you. Rafe was showing the kids in his own way the way that the world is going to work. with the reward system it was a good balance between fun and seriousness. I thought that having famous people drop in just to see them and talk to them was a major boost for the kids in a positive way that encouraged the kids to work harder and better than when they first started out with. My hope for them that they take away the positive influence that their teacher had on them and to never forget to keep working hard.


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