Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Response to The Hobart Shakespearians

My response to the film was that it made me feel hopeful. It gives children, who have no expectations set for them, goals to work toward and keeps them hardworking. The way Rafe teaches provides so much encouragement for these kids that they begin to see themselves in a different light. They believe they can succeed and do amazing things in their lives.

The two methods I thought were the most effective where choosing books that they can relate to because some of the struggles hit close to home and how when the children were in trouble he didn't just yell at them. He actually talked to them like adults and respected them while he did that.

The direct quote I liked was when Rafe was talking to them on the last day of class and told them "You are fabulous and don't ever let anyone tell you differently". I liked this because it encourages them to keep working hard and to be themselves at the same time. It gives them the confidence to not let what anyone says effect them.

My goal for the end of 2014 is to work harder in college, pull off better grades and not get so overwhelmed. Where I've been out of school for 2 almost 3 years getting back into the habit of things is hard and I've got overwhelmed so I want to do better.

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