Monday, March 3, 2014

Hobart Shakespearians- Colin Visconti

At the beginning of the video, I really didnt know what to expect. The first thing I noticed right out of the gate was the percentage of minority race Hobart consisted of. There were a large amount of Asian and Latino children in Mr. Rafe's class which made me think that he was a specialist for kids with troubled lives. Though this though is not far from the truth i was still in shock how powerfully moving Mr. Rafe's teaching style was.

As the video went on, it never failed to surprise me with the success Mr. Rafe was able to achieve with the children. with his bizarre style, drive and passion he was able to make the lives of these children to take an enormous turn for the better.  in the end, the most respectful factor about Mr. Rafe is his loyalty to his job and the kids. Instead of going for the many opportunities for money and fame he stays with his promise and passion, helping the kids.

My personal goal that the video inspired me with is to find the same amount of passion in what i do for a living  as Mr. Rafe does.


  1. I think you already put passion into everything you do but living up to mr Rafe is some high Expectations! but you can do it.. Great goal!

  2. Great goal, you can find this passion and you will do great!


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