Monday, March 3, 2014

jOURNAL 6 The Hobart Shakesperians

In this documentary Film it made me feel a couple of different ways. One way it made me feel was inspired. this film really portrade the hard work that Rafe puts into his class room for his students. He mentioned that he worked four jobs in order to get his students on the trips to Washington D.C to really see what they  were learning outside of the text book. He build the students into caring for their grades and wanting to learn. They were very well educated in the shakespear language and enjoyed reading the books. The students even got emotional while reading. This made me feel almost sad but a mix of happy. They read books that were over people stuggling or having problems which is what the students could relate to. So this made it sad to see them crying while reading a book, but also happy because they love to read and WANT to read the book. This documentary shows compassion for the well being of the students. This film had me think about how my school did not have us reading Shakespear until senior year of high school so this really caused the students to miss out on opportunites in better vocabulary or better understanding language on its own.

Methods that seemed the most effective to would be the money method he had going, and also the musical part of class. The money method was a great idea because this helps the students understand the value of money and how important it is to earn money, while also spending it properly. He lets them know that it is okay to spoil yourself on something(such as the girl buying the guitar) but to also have enough money to pay your rent and other bills. It kind of reflects what it is their parents are doing for them.

Another method is the music. He states that the music helps the children with their mathemathics and also their reading. This is benefital in several ways. The children need to know how to read in order to do school work or live easily. Also Math goes along with science so if they are well in math it will help them with their science classes. Math is a stuggle for me personally and I know that it does cause problems with science such as chemestry. In the film rafe talks about the childrens future and their time in middle school was quickly approaching. He told them that it would be easy to fall into the bad crowd but he tells them one thing and this is "You've got to be strong". He means that they must focus on their education.

A goal that I would like to set for myself is to decide what it is I want to major in. It may not sound like much but it is very important to me to know what it is I for sure want to do so, I can take better steps to finishing my goals and finding myself.

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  1. Hi Ashley. Yes, this film did a great job of portraying the amount of work Rafe put into teaching these children. He did a great job of leading by example. I can understand your difficulty trying to find your major. I did not no for sure what i wanted to do until this year. Leave your life open to options, the more options you have the better.


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