Monday, March 31, 2014

Journal 9 Preston

We just got done reading Ordinary Resurrections by Jonathan Kozol and things that I learned about that meant the most to me while reading this novel was, how religous this book is, I mean it's about life and the kids and amazing people but they talk about God and religon alot in this book and for some reason it stuck with me. Another thing that stuck with me was the amazing people that he is around like, Mother Martha and the kids. He talks and show's us how they live and act they are normal people and he goes and follows them around and is just there. The perspective of my own education that I gained from this was that we need education and great teachers in our lives, to tell us what is right and wrong. I believe that if there is a great teacher at your school then I think the kids will learn alot more and they will focus and want to be there so that is good for teachers and kids and ect.

The note that stood out the most to me was on page 353 and what stood out was the fact that 5,173 kids in that city were being held in detention at one point in their life when they were between the ages of seven and fifteen and that is pretty crazy to see, I like to see the facts and what he means when he talks about this in the chapter. Another note that stood out was on page 344 where he tells us that children in local public schools have the lowest chance of admissions to the city college entrance, and that just shows that they are not giving the kids a chance they might assume that they are trouble makers and all but Kozol is showing us the bright side of these kids and that is great.

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  1. Hey Preston, I really like the point you made about the city colleges not wanting to accept the students from the public schools. I think it kind of sums up the book in how these kids are not expected to succeed. We need more people like Kozol and Mother Martha to let society know that they are wrong about these children.


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