Monday, March 3, 2014

Journal 6. Hobart Shakespearians- Lacie

This documentary film was very touching! My childhood was nothing like those children's. Many of them didn't speak English at first where it was my first language. They said they seen violence and drugs and alcohol on a daily basis and I didn't. I feel like i lived a sheltered life compared to them. It struck me the most when the kids got so emotional when reading Huck Finn because they were so involved and understood what was going on. When i was that young i never got involved with something like that, i would never cry during a book especially in class because where i came from you'd get made fun of for it. I love how they can be who they are and the rest of the class thinks its how it should be.

I think one of the best approach was when the teacher took the class to Washington D.C to learn about the History instead of learning it from the book. The book was coming to life for the kids and it helps them get a better understanding of what happened when they can see it in person. It's more fun to learn that way when you're actually having fun. Luckily for me i got to go there when i was in the 8th grade when we started learning about it but unlike the kids i didn't take it seriously and looking back on it i wish i would've been more like them, eager to learn! Another good approach was when Rafe took the children who were copying to the side and explain to them what they did wrong in a rational manor. This helps because the children don't feel humiliated in front of the entire class and they will be more likely to not do it again.

One of the children said that they loved the fake money system at school because it helps them get ready for the real world money system and i think it's great that Rafe does that because it really teaches them how everyday auctions and how money works!

My goal for 2014 is to really put effort into the classes I'm taking. Little work won't do me any good, i need to step it up. Last semester i totally failed at my classes. I stopped going to class and when i was there i didn't pay attention. My grades really reflected it and it put me at bad academic standing. My parents pay for my schooling out of pocket and i really feel like I've let them down.


  1. I loved how you pointed out that he took the kids out and traveled with him I liked that too and Great goal, and I know that you can meet this goal and have some confidence in yourself and you can do anything.

  2. That is a very good point with his teaching methods! Taking them to washington was a great idea and also great for the students. I can also agree with you that I would've never cried while reading a book either.


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