Monday, March 31, 2014

Colin- journal 9

Through the jouney with  Kozol in Ordinary Resurections, i was able to develope a great deal of respect. Though I respect Kozol, this is not the respect I am talking about. seeming silly, i have developed the up most respect for the children in this book.

After being walked through thier dayly lives, and seeing what these children deal with every day, ive realized that my life is luxirous. The sad part is they have no choice but to be surrouinded by the drugs, gang violence, the poverty, and disease. then they have to find the will and the determination to make the best of it or to better theirs lives the best they can. then as the book goes on you learn everything about every child, and you can see how innocent these children are.then there is the moving part, thier role models.

some of these children dont even have the strucre at home that they should have. from the drugs to the poverty, the corruption of these childrens parents are a large part of there expected fall into that society. But then there are people like Mther Martha and the teachers at p.s. 30 who love and care about theses children and thier futures. they dont just teach them or watch them for the time that they are there, they get in voloved and help navigate them in the right direction. and in respect it all.

in the notes section, i found the part under Chapter 12, on pages 352 and 353 there was alot of info involving the citys prisons and other things involving poverty stricken people. i also like the note section under chapter 20 on page 363 about the use of ritalin.    

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  1. I agree with you Colin. I felt the same way about the kids being a pillar of strength and courage for themselves, other children and for those adults who were struggling to pull themselves as well as the child out of their bad surroundings.

    Yes, the amount of usage with the Ritalin in these schools was just shocking to me and that this is a prescription drug being administered to children in many cases by the schools secretary instead of a Nurse. My worry with that would be the secretary does have any medical training and would not be able to respond properly if something were to happen to the kids where they would have to go to the hospital.


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