Monday, March 31, 2014

Sam's Journal Nine

After reading the book Ordinary Resurrections there were many things that stuck out in my mind. The One thing that stands out the most is, without the help from a few select individuals in the Mott Haven District, these children would have an even slimmer chance of finishing school and becoming model citizens. The dreams that these normal kids have are kept alive by a few people. These people give guidance and and fight to protect the children. Miss Katrice, Mother Martha, and Miss Rosa are a few of these individuals fighting to give these kids a chance to fulfill their dreams. The majority of the society seems to turn their heads to the consistent problems in Mott Haven and act as if it is a lost cause.
 The Note that stood out the most to me was on pg. 360 (217) Morris High School Statistics. Out of 1,196 students that start school in the ninth grade, only 66 end up receiving diplomas. That statistic shows how the neighborhood these kids live in swallows their dreams. They need more people like the ones mentioned above to help change the culture in the area and help these children succeed.

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  1. Your ideas that stood out for you stood out to me as well!


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