Monday, March 31, 2014

Journal 9: Reflections on Ordinary Resurrections BreAnna Baer

     I learned something in this book that means a lot to me and that is that there are people, children or not, that have a short end of stick most of the time. The children in Mott Haven have been through a lot, but they still get up everyday and go to school with a smile on their faces. I also gained how society looks down on this neighborhood thinking these children are never going to go anywhere in life besides grow up and be trouble for others around them. I thought growing up my education was okay, there were moments where I thought it was awesome then there were moments I thought it was the most awful education ever, but after reading this book and then comparing it to my experiences I was the lucky one. Education is the most important thing to have and to offer children. Growing up as a child, I was always influenced to get a good education from my parents and somewhat felt it from society, these children have the support from their parents to go but when it comes to society they probably care less. With me saying that, there are many reasons to explain it, they put all the incinerators in that neighborhood, no decent schools. The neighborhood can debate it all the way and nothing will get changed.
      After reviewing the notes section there were many that struck me. I chose one that stands its point when it comes to the education for the children of Mott Haven. Note on chapter 15. "There is a direct connection between uncertified teachers, minority neighborhoods, and schools with low scores" (Jones, 357) "all black and Hispanic neighborhoods, all with 25 to 30 percent uncertified  teachers" (Jones, 357). This just summarizes why the students are not getting an education, and how they are sending uncertified teachers to teach them and not helping the children succeed.

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  1. Its really sad that they can't even get a real education because they don't have certified teachers! im grateful everyday for the education i've recieved. Good pick on your note!


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