Monday, March 24, 2014

Preston's Journal 8 response

The chapter that I chose was chapter 22, I picked this one because it talks about his career and path that he took in his life and he goes on and talks bout his father and mother being there and having his father becoming a doctor and also having his father be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. And that really hurt Kozol because a direct quote he said in this chapter that stuck out was "I felt a lot of anger at myself for all the opportunities id missed to spend unhurried time with them". That can show his anger towards himself because someday s he wishes that he doesn't spend all of his time with the kids and more time with his parents because he is going to lose them. He talked about his father loosing his memory and not remembering things and you could tell that it was bothering Kozol and it was making him want to leave the kids and go be with his parents. The main theme I thought it was talking about what was take what you have now and go with it, he also talks about career changes and he says do what you want to do and don't let other people tell you what you should do.

An experience factor that was the biggest influence on keeping students from learning was me, I was that kids who never paid attention was always dicking off and getting in trouble. I didn't take school serious. I was always talking and getting kids from not learning. This kept the kids from learning because I was bothering them and interruption the class and getting everybody of the topic. I could tell that people were listening in class and I could start to talk them and get them from from focusing because I was saying jokes and doing things that would get most people yelled at, but I couldn't sit there and learn and to me it was boring i didn't want to be there and I hated it. But I solve the problem because I knew that I was almost done with school and I knew that I wanted to graduate and go to college so I focused in school, I payed attention and learned and by doing that I graduated with a 3.0 GPA and made me realize that school wasn't a joke and that I needed to take it more serious because my future depended on it. I think that teachers should do a better job or get the kids more involved, I know kids that couldn't sit there and just write down notes, they got to be involved get their interest and let them learn things they are interested in.


  1. we had plenty of kids in my school like you, i disliked them because i actually wanted to learn haha. im glad you changed your ways though and decided to do something with your life, thats great!

  2. I too liked that quote that you picked. It kind of opened your eyes that while he was in Mott Haven, it was not always easy for him to stay there. That he too had problems he had to deal with. It would be a hard decision to stay at Mott Haven or to leave and be with his parents while he had the time to do so. It is nice to see that while you were in school you graduated with a 3.0 and realized it was not a joke. It is also good to have humor in life. I also agree that the teachers should make students more involved and not just sit and write notes.


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