Monday, March 3, 2014

Preston's Hobart Shakespearians

The documentary that we watched was about a teacher named Rafe who really got involved and taught his students the way that he wanted. He changed the way they looked at school, making them read novels that I read in High school. It made me think that we should put these kind of schools in elementary schools and show the kids what they can really do. A thing that really stuck in my head was that the kids got really emotional when they read the books and also when the last day of school came, it really showed that the kids loved his class and wanted to stay and they really enjoyed it.

The two methods that seemed the most effective to me was when he would take the kids to different places, he would travel with them and show them what they were learning about and to me that is great because in my old high school we never went and did stuff like that and so he making show what they are learning by letting them experience everything and really see it beside looking at it in a book. The second was that he really got into it with the students, he made the lessons fun and it helped them the kids out because he would never give up on them if they didn't get something, he would keep trying to get them to understand it even if it took him 500 times he would keep trying, and a quote that showed this was  when he was talking to Alan at the end and he said "never let a teacher tell you what you can't do" and that really stuck with me because he is right never bring a kid down always build them up.

A challenge that I will set for 2014 is to make the deans list by the end of the semester of school, I think it would be really cool to make it on the deans list and it would make people proud to see that I made it. And by making the deans list it will help me later on in the future when i'm looking for a teacher job after school and if I make it on the deans list it would really help me out getting a job. I would be very proud if I make it on the deans list because I have never been good at school so I think that would be a great goal for 2014!


  1. NICE GOAL!!! I like the way you think!

  2. I really like your quote. It makes me sad that the other teachers before Rafe wouldn't help Alan but all he needed was a good teacher like Rafe to help him!
    Making the Deans list would be a great thing! Work hard and you'll soon achieve, i believe that you can do it..


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