Monday, February 3, 2014

Aleasha's responce to "A Rice Sandwich"

In the story "A Rice Sandwich" Esperanza wants to eat in the canteen. The canteen is a place where the kids that live too far away to go home when it's lunch eat. Esperanza finally gets her mom to write her a note so she can eat in the canteen, but she learns it's not all it's cracked up to be.
My favorite quotes were from Esperanza's mom. One of them was "You kids just like to invent more work for me." because most parents will agree that their children sometimes make things more difficult on their parents. My second one was the letter that she wrote to the teacher saying,
"Dear Sister Superior,
Please let Esperanza eat in the lunchroom because she lives too far away and gets tired. As you can see she is very skinny. I hope to God she does not faint.
Thanking you,
Mrs. E. Cordero".
I found this humorous and a lot of the reason it stood out to me was because it's like the perfect example of what you don't say in a note to a school. It also made me remember when I was a senior in high school, it started snowing really bad and I texted my dad asking him to call the school and let me leave because my car sucked in the snow, well when my dad called the school he told them I texted him, and as you know most schools don't like their students having their phones on them, and my teacher wasn't very happy.


  1. I agree with you the letter that her mother wrote was funny. She was all worked up about the canteen. I figured she just wanted it so that she would not feel left out. But I felt bad when cried about it because she wanted it so bad. Then she gets there and she still had to eat the food that her mother made for her.

  2. That's so funny and very similar! i think i remember having my parents do the same thing for me a couple of times(:


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