Friday, February 28, 2014

Chapter 16 response

The event that struck me as important in this chapter was the poem that Benjamin pointed out. The reason this poem stuck me as the most important event was because this poem, to me, shows how Benjamin feels about being in school. He roams around and looks out the window like an animal that is in a cage.

I believe the main character in this chapter is Benjamin because it shows how some of the older kids might feel about being in school. He was held back a year and is facing being held back again so I think that plays on his confidence because he doesn't want to be held back again. He also changes his whole outlook on life which makes him almost a completly different person from the time the chapter starts to the end.

I feel the writing was the best when Benjamin pointed out the poem and Kozol asked him to read the poem outloud to him which the poem was,

"A lion in a zoo,
Shut up in a cage,
lives a life
of smothered rage.

A lion in the plain,
Roaming free,
Is happy as ever
A lion can be."

The poem makes you see Benjamin in a different way and explains him perfectly.

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