Friday, February 28, 2014

Chapter 16 response- Colin Visconti

In chapter 16 of Kozol's book Ordinary Resurrections, I found that Ben finding the poem book was the most important event through the chapter. I feel this way because before ben found this book he was one person and after finding it he was completely different. When you first get introduced to Benjamin, you find out that he has a troubling time with school and the other children. Then after reading a poem in the poem book, he completely changes his out look towards his school work, the other children, and life in general.

 Also in chapter 16, I feel the most important character was Benjamin. I say this because Benjamin's story serves as a lesson in the chapter. Kozol showed how even young children can go through the process of introspection and find the right way to look at life and live. Benjamin shows that by completely changing his perspective on the world and that's a great accomplishment for a child.

During the reading of chapter 16, I found many important parts of the text that explain a number of characters. That being said, I feel the best section of the text that explained Benjamin clearly was on page 212 when ben reads a poem to the class:

"A lion in a zoo,
Shut up in a cage,
lives a life
of smothered rage.

A lion in the plain,
Roaming free,
Is happy as ever
A lion can be."

I feel this helped Ben and actually explained him very well.



  1. Nice response Collin. The poem really does explain Benjamin. It was nice that Kozol was there to witness this and be able to give Benjamin some much needed encouragement.

  2. I really agree with the poem being the turning point for Benjamin. It's interesting how Kozol just being there to give him encouragement was able to make Benjamin turn around and see things differently.


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