Monday, February 3, 2014

Ashley's post on "some more"

In this chapter the kids were arguing about several things. It started with how mant types of snow there is and how many different types of clouds there are, It then quickly turned into an argument between the children and Racheal called Esperanza a fat face along with Nancy a pig-eye.
Two favorite phrases i like are " I'm saying your mama's ugly...ummm... like bare feet in September". Also I like the metaphor You are like the cream of wheat cereal. You're like the lumps.It is not the insults I like, but the metaphor.


  1. This is a commical chapter in the book, I can picture the chidlren looking at clouds and hear them insulting one another as children do.

  2. I also enjoyed those quotes because I found them humorous and thought they were good metaphors too.


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