Monday, February 10, 2014

Preston's Pop Culture

When I was in Junior High a person who was in the pop culture that I most identify with back then was 50 cent. Back when I was in junior high rap was really taking off and everyone in my grade knew all the new 50 cent songs and sang them. I enjoyed it beacuse he came off as this tuff guy who talked about the real life in the hood and all the gangs that were in America. The appeal I had was that he rapped about the life of the streets and the days of his childhood and him struggling and then bringging himself up from nothing.

Another pop culture that had me going was the Pittsburgh Steelers, and having my mom being a big steelers fan and so that was a give in that I was going to be one. And so I remember watching them win not one but two Super Bowls and that was great because a hometown hero from where I am from won both of the Super Bowls and he was the QB for my favorite team, it couldn't of been better back then for the Steelers.

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