Monday, February 3, 2014

Amanda view of "And some more" from the Cisnero's book

The And Some and More chapter started out with Esperanza, Nenny, Rachel, and Lucy trying to figure out the different names for Snow.  They each had their own ideas of how many names snow would have.Then they seemed to shift over to how many names clouds would have. Some technical and a lot made up. From there, seemed blow up a little into the name calling of each other.

It started out with a curious and some what funny mood, while tryuing to figure out the different names that snow and clouds would have. Then toward the middle when the name calling started seemed to get a little on the hurtful, mean side of things. The end went back to comicial as it was realized they all were being foolish.

Favorite quotes "You can do what you want to do, Nenny, but you better not talk to Lucy or Rachel if you want to be my sister."  I liked because it was funny. Realistically, it would not work. But it made me remember that I made that threat to my brother several times because I felt that was the only thing I could say and sound awesome at the same time. 

The second favorite quote I liked was "Uh-oh, Nenny. Better get the broom. Too much trash in our yard today." It reminded me of something my grandmother would do, if there was something or someone in her yard that she did not like, she was come out armed with robe, curlers and wide broom. Let me tell ya, my grandmother never missed her target when she got the motivation to throw the broom.

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  1. I can pictured this clearly when I was reading. The conversation between children can sometimes have no meaning but can be serious at the same time. I can see them looking up at the sky trying to pick out clouds. Also, you can relate to the quotes if you have a sibling.


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