Monday, February 3, 2014

The Family of Little Feet.
Rachel, Lucy and Esperanza were given three pairs of high heeled shoes. They picked out of the three which ones they wanted, put them on and strutted past various stores and buildings and people in their town. They get a sense of new feeling, a good feeling and they say they're never going to take the heels off or wear any kind of other shoe again. They come across a bum man who Asks Rachel to kiss him for a dollar, and hypnotized by her new shoes and the dollar she actually thought about doing it until Lucy snapped her out of it and they ran in their shoes, ran all the way home, took them off and later on their shoes got thrown away.

The girls actually believed that the shoes changed their appearance when Lucy says, we are tired of begin beautiful on page 42. Why couldn't they feel beautiful without the shoes? In all reality if they were beautiful in the shoes then they were beautiful without the shoes.

When they previously said that they were never going to wear another shoe again that failed when one Tuesday her mother, who is very clean, throws them away. But no one complains. They never needed the shoes, they just liked how it made them feel for that day but i'm sure they learned that they could feel that way without them.

I highlighted those two ideas because they never needed the shoes to feel that way and everyone should know they're beautiful the way they are and that they don't need items to make them feel a certain way.

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  1. I agree with your choices for the quotes. They shouldn't have needed the shoes to make them feel that way and you're right, if they were beautiful with them on, they were beautiful without them too.


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