Monday, February 3, 2014

Colin Visconti- response to "A Rice Sandwich"

In the beginning of the chapter, Esperanza shares her desire to be like the "special kids" (ones who are allowed to eat lunch in the cafeteria). She brings these thoughts home to her mother and asks for permission to eat in the "canteen." With a violent response from her mother, Esperanza then explains that all of her siblings have there own plans for lunch time and that there is no extra hassle for her to eat in the canteen. In return her mother decides to let her do as she wishes. so the next day at school she finds her self in trouble for trying to enter the canteen. in affect of her actions, Esperanza has to face Mother Superior. while having a note, Esperanza felt that she was granted access to the canteen, so she handed it to Mother Superior. Mother Superior had not taken the note very lightly an only granted Esperanza one day to eat in the canteen and she spent it crying.

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