Monday, February 24, 2014

Comments for Colin and Lacie

For your Comments on this Kim K Presentation:

1) Write about something done well.  What did you learn from this Presentation? What element or part of the Presentation stood out as particularly well done?

2)  Offer constructive criticism to help this group.  What seemed to need more work or development?  What questions do you have? Where could the Presentation have offered more or been more polished?

Post your Comment about these two things in the Comments section under this post.


  1. Great Job! I thought you guys were very well prepared. I learned a lot about Kim K. that I did not know. I had no idea that her father was O.J. Simpsons Lawyer. I also did not know that she had been married twice. My favorite part of the presentation was the slide with Kim and all her well known boyfriends. She does seem to get around.

    I thought everything was good. I could not find anything in your presentation to criticize. Although I would have like to seen more photos of Kim in a bathing

  2. Great job guys, the presentation was really, good. I also did not know what Kim's dad was O.J Simpson's lawyer. and that was her spring board into fame. It was kinda of a shock to me, to see that she been around with so many famous guys. But that's Hollywood for ya.

    I do not have idea of what you guys could have done differently. I thought you both were very knowledgeable in the different aspects of her life.

  3. Great work Colin you really knew your stuff. You guys made me learn more the Kim and I love that you showed us her love life. It was a great slide. I would have to say that you can make it a little more fun add a video or something that showes us. And dont copy our layout haha jkjkjk but great job and you made the day fun by talking about them and stuff.

  4. I really liked how much history you had on her. It was pretty interesting to actually hear about her relationships just because not all of them are so well known.
    I don't have anything that I can think of that you could have done differently.

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  6. I think you guys both talked the right amount and well about your subject. I watch the show but show, but I didn't know all of the things you presented in class. Learning them gave me a different view on kim other than watching who she is on t.v. I thought your slide show was good and wasn't to busy and easy to focus on. I think you could have maybe added more to how kim influences people with her fame.

  7. Great Job! I really liked the topic you guys picked! You had great information on her. I do not watch the show or know much about her so you guys did a good job of explaining it!
    I can't think of anything you guys did wrong. The only thing I could say is good job!


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