Monday, February 24, 2014

Comments for Amanda and Aleasha

For your Comments on this Harry Potter Presentation:

1) Write about something done well.  What did you learn from this Presentation? What element or part of the Presentation stood out as particularly well done?

2)  Offer constructive criticism to help this group.  What seemed to need more work or development?  What questions do you have? Where could the Presentation have offered more or been more polished?

Post your Comment about these two things in the Comments section under this post.


  1. Overall your presentation was great! I think you both knew your subject very well and you both took turns talking which is also great.

    Instead of talking about personal experiences try talking about the subject more. Your personal situations took over your presentations although it was nice hearing about.

    Good job guys!(:

  2. WOW! You two, know some Harry Potter. I thought your presentation was packed with detail. I especially liked the introduction and background to the author. I thought it was very important to know were her creativity comes from.

    Like I said your presentation was packed with details. Maybe next time cut back on some of them. I thought they might of taken little away from the big picture of the presentation. Overall Great Job!

  3. GREAT JOB on Harry Potter! I love watching the movies and enjoyed your presentation!You guys did a an awesome job with describing what happens in the first movie!
    The only thing I could think of is maybe taking turns talking during the presentation? Just so you both get to talk about what you felt was important about Harry Potter! Awesome job ladies!


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