Monday, February 24, 2014

Comments for Stephon and Preston

For your Comments on this Drake Presentation:

1) Write about something done well.  What did you learn from this Presentation? What element or part of the Presentation stood out as particularly well done?

2)  Offer constructive criticism to help this group.  What seemed to need more work or development?  What questions do you have? Where could the Presentation have offered more or been more polished?

Post your Comment about these two things in the Comments section under this post.


  1. okay guys, first of all good job on your presentation!

    I liked how you both looked like you enjoyed yourselves up there! You both took turns talking which is a plus..

    On the other hand i can't say that i learned many facts from your presentation.. Maybe use more facts instead of running up your time with videos! other than that it was good!

  2. Hey Guys, Great Job! I thought you did a good job showing contrast on Drake's good influences versus his bad influences. I thought your slides were pretty cool too.

    Only advice I can think to give you guys is maybe have a little better preparation. There were some times were you looked unsure of what to do next. But I have to say, you guys pulled it off. Great job!

  3. I liked the presentation. It did seem to me that you guys were having fun with this project.

    Maybe something that could have been added or done more in depth was to have more details about Drake as a person before the music artist.

  4. Overall I enjoyed the presentation and it seemed like you guys enjoyed the project the only thing I could think of maybe doing differently is not so many videos and more facts but other than that, you did a good job!

  5. I liked your topic on Drake! He is a great artistand you guys did well showing that with your videos.
    The only thing I could say would be to add more personal information or in depth on Drake himself and less just on the music. Great Job!


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