Monday, February 10, 2014

BreAnna Baer Pop Culture

           When I was in High School the activity, well Show that was sticking with me was the Walking Dead. It is about the Zombie Apocalypse happening around the globe, and there are a group of survivors trying to find a safe haven, and its not going to well. I believed I clicked with the TV show so well because I love playing Xbox, so I play the Cod zombies and I really enjoy being the only survivor in the game, so applying it to a TV show and watching the cast survive and the ways they go about it is awesome. If there was a Apocalypse I would be a survivor! I believe that zombies are getting popular anyway, you had the world coming to an "end" in 2012 and people believing that there will be a  zombie apocalypse. To this day I still watch it and they made it to season 4 in February of 2014.

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