Friday, February 28, 2014

Chapter 15 Double Dutching

  The idea that struck me as the most important in this chapter was the difference between the schools P.S. 65 ans P.S. 30. P.S. 65 is nowhere near the quality of school that P.S. 30 is. Although they are not far apart from each other in terms of distance, the quality operation at P.S. 30 shows the difference a few really good people can make in an education system. Even though P.S. 65 is not up to par with other schools, there are some really good people that come and go in this institution. Unfortunately, the kids that go to P.S. 65 do not have that option. They are stuck with the bad hand that they are constantly being dealt.

  I would say that Pineapple is the most important character in this chapter. Having Kozol explain the situation Pineapple deals with on a daily basis at P.S. 65, speaks volumes to her character. It is no wonder why she is comfortable taking control in situations. Her attending P.S. 65 only encourages this behavior. The lack of organization and lack of consistency in the school leaves Pineapple with no choice but to take control.

  I thought the writing was the best when Kozol was observing Pineapple at the school during lunch and at recess. He describes how she devours her food like it is the greatest food ever made and when he asked her if she liked her meal, she gave Kozol a nonchalant so so gesture. Pineapple also informs Kozol in this chapter that if she does not eat on time, she will get gas. After her lunch, and with a full belly, Pineapple goes to recess and shows off her double dutch skills. Kozol writes,"Her short and pudgy legs skip up and down and, as the girls increase the speed, her feet move very fast, not only up and down but also slightly outward to the sides, which, as she tells me later, is the key to doing it successfully"(Kozol 197). I chose this quote from Kozol because it was very detailed and I could visualize Pineapple doing the double dutch.     


  1. Sam I agree with about Pineapple, that she does have to take control of situations only because the adults around her are not or will not do it. P.S 65 does have a lot of probelms in regards to the structure and the list of things wrong with that school would probably take way to long for me to type out in a decent amount of time.

    I also agree with you about the writing style when Kozol decides to bring in the imagary, he can really paint the picture for all to see and understand without using a lot of big words that you have to go look up the definition for in order to understand what the author is trying to tell you.

  2. I completely agree about the differences with the schools. It's crazy how different they really are but how in a way it's a good thing for Pineapple because she does learn how to take control more.

  3. Pineapple is such a leader herself but it's crazy that she has to be because adults don't step up. It will only benefit her in the end because she already holds that trait!


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